Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dumping All QRadar Rules

I recently had a request which had me pulling my hair out (it's not like I have any). The request to dump all of the QRadar rules. Having looked at the "custom_rule" table, I thought I may be able to do this. I then focused in on the "rule_data" field, only to find this information is in a manner which I could not even figure out the best way to parse. 

While IBM did not have a way to do this, I was however, pointed to a location which may be helpful ... and it was very helpful. I assume, someone else may have a similar request in the future and thought I should post output here to retrieve a dump of all the rules.

The following commands will dump all rules and building blocks.

psql --username=qradar --no-align --command="SELECT rule_data FROM custom_rule" | grep "^<?xml" | sed --expression 's/<notes\/>/<notes><\/notes>/' --expression='s/.*<name>\(.*\)<\/name><notes>\(.*\)<\/notes>.*/"\1","\2"/' | sort > qradar.rules.csv

For additional information you can visit

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  1. I tried this and all it exported were the Building Blocks (and a short list of them at that). Any ideas?